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Rockshop - Crystals - Gemstones - Fossils- Silver, Pewter Talismans & Gemstone Jewelry -  Candles - Dried Herbs - Incense - Oils - Books - Tarot Cards - Runes - Pendulums - Statuary including Egyptian, Greek, Hindu, Buddhist & Fantasy - Feng Shui Supplies and many other metaphysical gifts and supplies.

We'd like to remind everyone to please be mindful:

• Please do not come in if you have Covid-19 symptoms or have been in recent contact with someone who has symptoms or has tested positive.

• Please only essential shoppers (leave your clan at home, as well as kids)

• 15 people will be allowed at a time to shop, so be respectful of others waiting to come in. Keep shopping time to a minimum.

• Please adhere to the 6 feet rule. This does mean we will not be able to counsel and personal research is encouraged.

 • Purposeful purchases; know generally what you need before you come.

• Let us help you, call your order ahead of time. *Website with this feature is in development, but not currently available.


Earth Gifts

1951 Stimpson street. Jacksonvile FL 32210

Monday - Tuesdy Closed
Wednesday - Sunday

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